Our team have been creating content professionally since 2019 and we bring together experience, expertise and creativity across all areas from pre-production right through to post-production. Our work has been awarded wins and nominations internationally at independant film festivals from Los Angeles to New York, Britain, Tokyo and right here in Australia. We bring passion, purpose, commitment and hard work to each new project we take on.


Our mission is and has always been to represent Diversity & practise Equal Casting across all our productions and work. 

Sangeetha Gowda



Sangeetha Gowda is an Award Winning Actress, Writer, Director & Producer. She graduated with an Advanced Diploma at NYFA Sydney in 2016 where she was awarded the college's 'Best Actress' award upon graduation. She then went on to star and perform in many film and stage productions including 'Hamlet' at the Casula Powerhouse.


After meeting Marshall and witnessing a need for more diverse content, N.O.A.H. Films was established and Sangeetha has since gone on to win many awards at film festivals internationally including 'Best Mental Health Awareness' for her first featurette Lost Focus (2019) at Sydney Indie Film Festival, 'Best Director' & 'Best Production Design' at the British Web Awards for Social Murderer (2020) and most recently receiving 'Best Actress' for her performance in 'Perpetua' (2021) in both Los Angeles and New York. She also worked as Producer for Perpetua which was also just awarded the 'Grand Jury Award' at the Show For Change Film Festival in Santa Monica. 


She brings a background in writing to her work, self publishing her first book at 16 on Wattpad which has now amassed 140k reads. Her screenplay 'Her, Unwritten' was a finalist in the London Independant Story Prize Festival & Screen Writers Network Competition. Spreading awareness on mental health and promoting Diversity both in front of and behind the camera are of utmost importance to her.

Marshall Weishuai Yuan



Marshall Weishuai Yuan is an award-winning Australian Chinese actor, director, and filmmaker.  Since 2019, he has co-founded the independent film productions company: New Order Art House, which produces thought-provoking and diverse films.  Though a small team, he and his team share a tremendous desire to produce quality work.The company have since created various films and web series, garnering a multitude of awards from multiple film festivals worldwide.

Marshall has won numerous awards in various crafts including; 'Best Actor: Best Actor Awards, New York',  'Best Actor: New York International Film Awards' , 'Best Director; New York International Film Awards' and, 'Best Drama/Directors; British Web Awards'. 

Being a strong advocate of diversity, Marshall always promotes and encourages hiring diverse cast and crew. He and his partner Sangeetha hope to eventually transform the company into a hub inclusive of people from all backgrounds. 'Everybody has a story and everybody should have the right to tell it.'

Jasmin Pilatos

Jasmin Pilatos is a Media Arts (Honours) graduate with an overall foundation in filmmaking and photography. Mainly focusing on cinematography and colour grading, her practice works towards creating a dramatic style of visual storytelling using the nuances of lighting, camera framing and colour.


Jasmin started with N.O.A.H. as a gaffer on Social Murderer before her skills quickly expanded and she soon became the sole colour gradist for the entire series. She is a fast learner and strives to learn collaboratively and independently about the evolving technical and conceptual skills needed to produce work that is visually and emotionally engaging.  Her skills span across independant film, various videography jobs and multiple student films, she was also awarded the TWT Excellence Prize at the A&D ANNUAL exhibition upon graduation in late 2020 for her thesis work 'Entasis'. 


"What an amazing team!! Marshall and Sangeetha are 2 very talented movie directors and writers whom we had the pleasure to work with over the weekend. They were very professional & welcoming & were such a delight to work with! Natasha had so much fun onset and we would love to work with them again! Highly Recommend."

- Earle Family, Actors/Models/Singers @4singerssydd

"I recently worked with Marshall on his Web Series and it was an absolute pleasure and an amazing experience to be directed by such a professional. Marshall is an extremely unique and creative Director and delightful to collaborate with on set, he is definitely one of the best directors Ive worked with and would recommend him to direct any project if you want the best quality film, tv series or commercial!" - Baylee Arndt, Actor (Standing Up for Sunny, Cooked) @dudewheresbaylee

"I was fortunate enough to be part of a project that Sangeetha was making and have had very positive experiences. Sangeetha was professional, while also being approachable, easy to talk to and was always checking on me to see if all was okay on my end. I have been impressed with the way she has undertaking managing the aspects of the project and am keen to work with her and the team again soon." - Lawrence Ola, Actor/Voice Artist/Songwriter (This Little Love of Mine, Kennards Hire, Step One, Sleeping Duck, Kathmandu)

'Sangeetha is among the most professional people that I have worked with. Passionate, skilled and caring leader on set. The shoot was well-planned and went very smoothly. The culture on set was welcoming, efficient and encouraging. I whole-heartedly recommend Sangeetha and personally look forward to future opportunities where I can work with her again.' - Dante Florez, Sound Crew (multiple shorts, features, music videos)

"Worked with Marshall and he was fantastic. He had a clear vision of what he wanted and I wasn't left standing around for hours. Would highly recommend him and hope to work with him again in the future." - Hudson Brande, Actor (Benefited)

'Sangeetha has the ability to create characters, and write dialogue, in a manner that allows important issues to be addressed in a natural and compelling way. She is also a sensitive and collaborative director who knows how to get the best out of her team.' - Geoff Cordner, Actor (Event Zero, Xavier's Harvest)