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Written/Directed by Marshall and starring Sangeetha, 'Perpetua' follows Arya, a young aspiring social media model, caught in a cycle of seeking worth through her online persona. Her obsession leads her to an exclusive photographer who makes her question her ambitious path.

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Huge thank you to UK FILM REVIEW & Patrick Foley for the wonderful review on 'Perpetua'. Check it out below!

Full review here: 

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April/2021 - Festival Circuit Begun

We're thankful to have received BEST DRAMA and BEST ACTRESS wins in New York for the film, which aims to shed a light on social media and the impact it has on young girls.

Sangeetha has also just won BEST ACTRESS overall for her performance of ARYA at the Actors Awards in Los Angeles.

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Perpetua has now been selected as a semi-finalist for Best Drama at London Indie Film Festival. Thank you to the team behind this festival! 

OCT 2021


Massive gratitude to Movikarma for awarding Perpetua the GRAND JURY AWARD for Best Film at A Show For A Change Film Festival in Santa Monica, CA. 


 Not only is it a wonderful award to recieve but to have recieved it at a festival that is all about social change and spreading awareness makes it even more worthwhile. Thank you!

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NOV 2021

Sangeetha is thankful to have recieved another Best Actress Award in London for Perpetua! Thank you to the team at London International Monthly Film Festival.

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