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 'Starving Arist' has just begun its festival circuit as of late July 2021! Written, Directed and Starring Marshall, the film follows CAL, a starving artist, as he tried to fulfil his dreams while struggling with homelessness. 

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Thankful that Starving Artist has already picked up some selections and wins in festivals since starting its run in late July! We've also had a generous review on the film from Take2IndieReview. Hard work pays off!

You can catch up on the latest with Starving Artist on it's IG page here: 

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Congratulations to Marshall for winning BEST ACTOR for his performance of CAL in 'Starving Artist'. Thank you to the team at Best Actor Award, New York for the recognition & putting together a wonderful festival.


Starving Artist has just received an Honourable 

Mention for the film in Tokyo!


Thank you to the team behind Tokyo International Monthly Film Festival for this honour. 

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The Team are very thankful to have received two wonderful reviews on Starving Artist from Take2IndieReview & 22IndieStreet.

Check them out below!

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"Yuan makes us believe in the totality of his journey with his reactions, and hopefully the tears, winces and the reverberations that travel his body gives us the appropriate pause. The artists who provide us the outlet we need to survive are not to be taken for granted, and if you think they are out of touch with the rest of us, maybe you should really be directing the finger at yourself."

Marshall is honoured to have recieved BEST ACTOR at the Actors Awards in LA (Nov 2021).

Thank you to the team behind the festival!

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