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Twenty Six (2023)

16 year old Sangeetha dreams of becoming a Hollywood Actress. Life has other plans...

Written, Directed & Starring Sangeetha, this micro short comments on the pressures put on Women Actors in the Film Industry. Based on Sangeetha's own life, we follow this character from 16 through to 26 and how things have changed.

The film takes inspiration from Wes Anderson & Breakfast at Tiffany's as showcased in its Production Design and Costume Design which was collaborated on by Sustainable Design Duo - LakshmiBee. It's currently beginning its Festival Run ~

Screen Shot 2023-09-07 at 7.14.05 pm.png
Screen Shot 2023-09-07 at 7.13.17 pm.png
Screen Shot 2023-09-07 at 7.12.37 pm.png
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